The food fiesta

THE FOOD FIESTA is a bold, beautiful and larger than life hospitality venture, Standing tall in the heart of Dev Bhoomi Himachal Pradesh; Shimla. Boasting of beautiful sunkissed terrace, an opulent and pristine dining area, a silent and state-of-the art conference room for all your important boardroom meetings, chefs so adept and seasoned that they literally flirt with food and service professionals who decided to come together especially to treat Shimla to real & responsible hospitality;

THE FOOD FIESTA is powered by the original spirit of hospitality and in that, it is unbeatable. Ours is the only restaurant in India to be awarded with three prestigious ISO certifications for Food safety, Environment and Management. This is a high respect organization that understands the importance of the contributions that have been made by it employees, vendors, guests, contemporaries, the society & the industry at large.

Chef’s Recommendation


Try your hand at making delicious bhallas topped with sweet curd, sour and tangy chutneys and chaat masala.

Dahi Bhalla

Rice cooked with milk and dry fruits



It is a perfect dessert after a filling meal. Rice kheer made with condensed milk, khoya, cream and nuts

Malai ki Kheer


Chicken cooked in coriander cooked gravy

Dhaniya Murgh


Mushroom and Spring onions cooked with masala gravy

Khumbh Pyaaz Bhujia


Whole chicken marinated in a unique golden marination with Lahori spices, barbecued in Tandoor

Murgh Lahori

Choose your marination from Achari/Peri Peri/Chipotle/Jamaican Jerk/Classic Tandoori

Murgh Tikka


Batter fried mushrooms filled with cheese and khoya

Mushroom Kurkure


Mutton cooked with rice flavored with mint leaves and other spices

Mutton Biryani

Chickpeas cooked with spices and flavored with spices

Pindi Chole

Cottage Cheese fingers dipped first in a mouth smacking spicy marination, dusted with a crispy mix & then golden fried

Spicy Golden Paneer Fingers

A robust preparation of grilled chicken flavored with garlic with chef's secret spices

Tangri Kebab

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